New!! Burlesque BodyFit

This course is designed to increase your strength and flexibility as a dancer using the most beneficial methods including Burlesque Barre, Ballet,  Pilates & Yoga.

Each week will be a 1 hour session giving your body a complete overhaul and finding muscles you never knew you had! All of this will benefit any other type of dance training or will appeal to those that just want to tone up.

Places limited


New!! Flirting with Burlesque (Beginners)

Looking for something different and fun to make you feel good while exercising?? Then this this course is perfect for you! Feel safe and learn from an experienced professional how to walk and dance in high heels and even improve your posture. This Beginners course is designed to introduce you to the core Burlesque movements and techniques while also giving you a great workout. For this term we will learn various garter removal techniques and learn how to use silk fans in a beautiful classical Burlesque routine. We will also work with Hula Hoops during the course.

No experience whatsoever is needed to take the course, it’s perfect for all ages. All levels of skill can be accommodated. Whether you’re a dancer/actor/performer or have never taken a dance class in your life, either way you will finish the course feeling like a glamorous burlesque dancer.

Props Provided

(Places Limited)


New!! Intermediate Burlesque

This course is open to people who have done beginners and feel ready to move up. This class is constructed for Intermediate level with precise movement and repetitions specific to this dance form. Enhance the grace and poise of your movement and expand your musicality. This term we will be learning how to dance with Isis Wings.

Props Provided

(Places Limited)

New!! Advanced Burlesque

This course is open to advanced students only. learn and perform in various different Burlesque numbers that are choreographed especially for the group. This term we will be working on a Contemporary Burlesque piece that will be performed in our Summer Show (16th of June 2018) We will also continue to work on individual solos.

Props provided

(Places Limited)


New!! Performance Technique Workshop

This course is designed to teach students how to get the best performance out of themselves by exploring a different form of performance each week including – Dance, theatre techniques working with text, improvisation, stand up comedy, movement through song and performance Art. We will play around with spontaneity and also learn how to connect to any audience.

Each student will also work on developing an act.

This course is open to all levels.

Places very limited for this one.

Nouveau Burlesque – Blonde Ambition

Back by popular demand!

Nouveau Burlesque has emerged as the newest and one of the most exciting forms of Burlesque (also known as commercial Burlesque)  Taking inspiration from Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour for this special 5 week course you will learn all the techniques of the style incorporated into fun choreography. This class will also include toning and conditioning so it’s one hell of a workout. Prepare to sweat! (Beginners & Intermediate levels available)

(Places Limited)

The Roaring Twenties (Charleston)

Back by popular demand!

Put a spring back into your step with this 5 week Summer special. Capture the spirit of the 1920s that is experiencing a huge revival around the world today. We will learn the Charleston and various other 1920s dances starting with the basics and working up to advanced steps. It’s very energetic, upbeat and danced to hot Jazz music. The course is perfect for anyone wanting to find a fun way to get in shape and those who wish to learn this exciting dance style, either way you are guaranteed to bring out that inner 1920s starlet!  (Suitable for total beginners & Intermediate)

(Places Limited)

Bespoke Private Tuition

Covers traditional and modern Burlesque. Informative and fun class for the total beginner or the experienced Burlesque performer.
We are happy to design the class around your needs.

  • Fan Dancing,
  • Traditional 40’s & 50’s Burlesque moves
  • Walking and presentation
  • Music Choice
  • Prop Use
  • Hula Hoop
  • Routines/ Bespoke dance routine & choreography
  • Cane & Top Hat
  • Glove & Garter

1 ½ hour private tuition in a studio – €120 (€20 extra per person – max 3ppl)


We hold workshops at festivals, corporate events and parties. Looking for something different for your guests? Look no further!

Previous clients include – Electric Picnic, The Westin Hotel Group, Twitter, Linked in, The Dublin Web Summit, and many more!

Types of Workshops we provide;

Roaring 20s Charleston

Classical Burlesque

Nouveau Burlesque (Commercial)

Solo Burlesque Performance

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